“Motion to Kiss My ***”

Anyone who has ever worked as a staff attorney or law clerk to a federal judge or magistrate knows all too well the burdens of dealing with pro se inmate complaints (prisoners representing themselves).

In Washington v. Alaimo, the pro se inmate plaintiff pushed his luck too far when he filed a “Motion to Kiss My Ass,” in which he moved “all Americans at large and [the judge in one of his cases] to kiss my got [sic] damn ass.”

Other motions filed by the inmate included:

“Motion to Behoove an Inquisition”

“Motion for Restoration of Sanity”

“Motion for Publicity”

“Motion for Psychoanalysis”

“Motion to Invoke and Execute Rule 15—Retroactive Note: The Court’s School Days are Over”

“Motion for Skin Change Operation”

“Motion for Catered Food Service”

 The court imposed restrictions on all future filings by the inmate.

Washington v. Alaimo, 934 F. Supp. 1395 (S.D. Ga. 1996). Thanks to Lihwei Lin.

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